Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome to the midwest

The long journey is in the near future. Mom and started our journey Sunday morning. Map quest, an atlas, and the GPS (Richard aka. Rich) in hand we began. The morning was filled will lots of rain, but no snow thankfully. We made it to Rapid City, South Dakota the first day. It was about a 13 hour drive. We got up early the next morning and went to Mt. Rushmore. We were just about the only ones their at 8 a.m. It was blue sky and sunny. Perfect setting, for a perfect place. We spend an hour or so wondering around the facilities there. Then head out.. Next stopping spot was Grandma and Grandpas in Traer. With stops at Wall Drug, and Mitchell S.D. we finally made it at about 9:30. It was great to see them, Grandma has not changed one bit. We got up and visited for a while then headed to Madison WI. A 4 hour drive seemed easy after the previous days. We got to see Susie, Dave and Christopher. It was great to see them all.

After mom left this morning I headed to downtown Madison. It is a pretty cool place. I went to the capital, a museum, and The University of Wisconsin football stadium. I then met Chris for lunch at a local bar and got a brief tour of the massive campus and what they call state street. It was a good day, and fun to see a big 10 campus. Defiantly a little different than Pullman. Tomorrow I am hanging out and going to the Wisconsin vs. Indiana bball game. Friday morning early I will head to Great Lakes and start the new adventure.

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