Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Week

So I just finished my 3rd day at the youth center. It has been a whirl wind of events, but a pretty good time. On Monday (My first day) I began the day by doing some paper work so i can get my ID batch, got a tour of the cdc's (Child Development Centers) basically the day cares, met a ton of people and still trying to make my way around this place. Everything is an abbreviation or a number. All the buildings aren't named, but numbered. So I work at buildings 3110, or can't remember the others. Anyway I learned how the daily activities ran after school in the SAC (School Aged Children)and the youth and teen programs. The teen center we have has every video game system. 2 XBOX 360's a wii, play station 3, XBOX Kinect, which is soooo fun. The guy I work with, the teens and I have heated battles at track and field. Starting at 5 basketball practices start. I am basically doing what I did in Pullman. Overseeing practices, coaches. I also have been coaching a couple teams of all sorts of ages. The second day the T&C (Training & Curriculum Specialist)put me through a bunch of trainings. I got certified in a bunch of things which i can put on resumes. So that was good. Again did basketball practices and learned more about the system. Today, my 3rd day at work I got my first project. I updated the youth centers slides that are shown all over the base on t.v. They tell everyone about activities, clubs, etc going on in our center. I also spent about 3 hours shopping at staples and best buy today. The boys and girls clubs give us money to use in order to supply the kids with things to do in the center. We got money to buy stuff for kids and the office. So far it has been pretty good. Longer days than I am used to, but I don't have much to do outside of work so its alright. I'm looking forward to getting more involved

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