Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Storm of 2011

The storm is here... It began about 3:00 yesterday afternoon with high winds reaching 40 plus mph. When this started to pick up, most of the office was sent home. Only a couple supervisors stayed with the last few kids. The whole base was shut down yesterday afternoon and is completely shut down today. The youth center where I work is considered essential personnel. This means we are the last place to close in case fire fighters, cops, emt's, guards, etc have children and need a place to bring them. It is so bad, that we are actually closed today, this means no work, but I can't go anywhere or do anything. Last night I sat and watched the storm slowly move in. Every hour it was getting worse and worse. At one point it was reported that winds were over 70 mph off the lake. My window is about 100 yards from the lake. It was pretty brutal. I was very excited to wake up this morning to see what the storm had brought. I looked out to see cars completely buried, plows attempting to plow the street, and enlisted navy wrestling. It is hard to put into words what is going on. We got about 2 feet of snow, but have drifts up to 4 feet in places. below are a few pictures of places right outside my hotel.

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